Vanja Ćosić


Using test fixtures to seed the database in Phoenix

Quick tip showing how use test fixtures to seed the database during development of Elixr / Phoenix projects.

Sign your git commits using SSH keys

Let others know that code was written by you and not someone pretending to be you. Here's how to configure commit signing in git and on GitHub.

Rotate and upgrade your SSH keys

A step-by-step guide to replacing your old SSH keys with new ones based on modern elliptic curve cryptography (Ed25519).

Google unleashes the .zip TLD on us

Explaining why the security community is debating the latest internet domains.

Working with OpenAPI YAML specifications in JS

Converting an OpenAPI spec written in YAML to a JSON file and parsing it with the Swagger JavaScript client.

Deploy a Zola site to GitHub Pages

How to deploy your static Zola site automatically to GitHub Pages on every push.

How to call a C function from Rust

A simple tutorial on how to call a C function from Rust 🦀