Vanja Ćosić


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I am a developer, product designer, and digital generalist with 15 years of experience in tech.

In recent years I have worked as an independent software development and cybersecurity consultant.

For as long as I can remember, I have been taking things apart to learn how they work. I taught myself to code as a kid and started my first company before I was old enough to drive.

In between consulting on projects, I am developing my own indie apps and co-organizing the local Rust meetup in Copenhagen.

This website was made from scratch with respect for standards, performance, and accessibility – because I love the web ♥


How is your name pronounced? #

My first name exists in different cultures, so it depends on which country I am in. By now I think have heard every possible pronounciation. But my preference is with a soft J or a Y sound, so Van-ya.