Vanja Ćosić


I have worked in tech for 15 years. Since 2018 I have been working as a consultant, independently and as member of two organizations I co-founded.

Independent consultant

I advise businesses on information security, software development and management, automation, product design, and more.


We are a collective of European hackers and cybersecurity experts specializing in cryptography and secure software development.


We are a cooperative of Danish digital security and media experts teaming up to provide training, workshops, and consulting.

Hire me #

Interested in working together? Please reach out and share more details about your project. I am open to exploratory conversations and finding the best possible collaborative setup.

Recent projects #

In the past #


Opbeat was acquired by Elastic Inc, the company behind the Elastic Stack. I worked on integrating the product into Kibana, that is now known as Elastic APM.


At Opbeat, we built a DevOps platform for tracking errors, releases, and monitoring application performance. I joined as the first employee, working as a frontend developer. As the company grew I took on other roles, including developer advocate, until we were acquired by Elastic Inc. in 2017.